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Numbers are something we come across in everyday life, but there’s more to it too. In the modern world, we hear millions and billions almost daily. There are much larger numbers than these. These numbers can be read, but only a handful of people would be able to convert a large number in words as there are some terms that the common people are not familiar with.

We have made it simple for you. With this number to words converter; you can convert any number in words without much effort. All you need to do is enter the number, and instantaneously the results will show up.

What can this tool be used for ?

We might not need to convert numbers in words in our day to day life unless we are curious, but there are several fields where a number to text converter is required. It is needed wherever confirmation is required for the amount. Some of these are given below:


  • Convert number to word to write on cheque.
  • Conversion of money in words for other documents.


For Safety and to avoid tampering All the large transactions need a confirmation and a double check for the amount so writing it in words becomes necessary so that it cannot be tampered with. Since numbers can be tampered but no tampering can be done with words.

Mathematics & Curiosity

  • It is part of the curriculum too. Children are taught to write numbers in words from a young age.
  • Some of us might be curious to know how a number would be written in words. Say, for example, we might wonder what a number with 20 zeros is called in words and how it is spelled. For this purpose conversion or converter comes to our rescue.

Difference in Notations

When we convert numbers into words, we should know that there is a difference between the western and Indian notation. Let us look at how the notation of the west differs from the Indian one.

  • Lac is denoted as a hundred thousand
  • Ten lac is called one million
  • Crore is known as ten million
  • Ten Crore is known as a hundred million
  • Arab is known as billion.


While we have limited our reach to billions in this article, many numbers can’t be converted as quickly as other simple numbers. Here the converter is needed. So what are you waiting for? Go and try it now!


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