Daily Archives: July 4, 2020

An Insight into the discovery of Large Numbers

Large numbers are much larger than what we use in our daily lives, and our engagement with numbers is limited to thousands in everyday transactions, but there is much more to it. Banks, astronomers, businesses, and government transactions include very large amounts, and these are the places where large numbers are actually put to use. In this article, we’re going…

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Largest named number

Many of us might not have heard these terms, as these are not the ones that often occur in our lives. All of us know about large numbers, which are those that exceed a million. Now, these two terms were invented to name the largest numbers. We’re going to address Googol and Googolplex in this article separately so that we…

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Abbreviated Forms of Large Numbers

Different countries often abbreviate large numbers in different styles, and there are no fixed or correct ways of shortening the currency. It somewhat varies from place to place, and different countries use different notations. We’re going to look at the abbreviated forms of large numbers in this article and acquaint ourselves with this much-needed info. Abbreviations used for Large Numbers…

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