Abbreviated Forms of Large Numbers

Different countries often abbreviate large numbers in different styles, and there are no fixed or correct ways of shortening the currency. It somewhat varies from place to place, and different countries use different notations.

We’re going to look at the abbreviated forms of large numbers in this article and acquaint ourselves with this much-needed info.

Abbreviations used for Large Numbers

Serial No.AbbreviationNameValue
1KThousand (Kilo)103 or 1000
2MMillion106 or 1000K 
3BBillion109 or 1000M
4ttrillion1012 or 1000B
5qquadrillion1015 or 1000t
6QQuintillion1018 or 1000q
7ssextillion1021 or 1000Q
8SSeptillion1024 or 1000s
9ooctillion1027 or 1000S
10nnonillion1030 or 1000o
 11ddecillion1033 or 1000n
12UUndecillion1036 or 1000d
13Dduodecillion1039 or 1000U
14TTredecillion1042 or 1000D
15Qtquattuordecillion1045 or 1000T
16QdQuinquadecillion1048 or 1000Qt
17SdSexdecillion1051 or 1000Qd
18StSeptendecillion1054 or 1000Sd
19OOctodecillion1057 or 1000St
20NNovendecillion1060 or 1000O
21vvigintillion1063 or 1000N
22cunvigintillion1066 or 1000v


Since there is no universally accepted way of abbreviating large numbers, the safest option would be to stick to whatever system you follow and strictly ensure that the meaning is conveyed to the selected audience.

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