Crazy facts about number 7

Numbers are an important part of our lives. Almost everything that happens in the world is dictated by numbers. Regardless of whether you like numbers or not, you have to acknowledge that they play a major role in your lives and can influence a lot of your decisions.

When talking about numbers, there is one number in particular that has fascinated me for a long time - seven.

Here are some crazy facts about the number 7 that will blow your mind:

  • If you roll a dice, the most likely outcome is seven.
  • Seven is the fourth prime number, along with being the second lucky and second safe prime, the second Woodall prime, and the fourth factorial prime.
  • Among all numbers below 15, seven is the only one that cannot be summarized as a sum of the squares of three integers.
  • There are seven ancient wonders in the world.
  • The world is divided into seven continents.
  • Seven colors make up a rainbow.
  • A week consists of seven days.
  • Seven has a correlation with human cognition, which is one of its most interesting characteristics. Human cognition is limited by seven plus or minus two.
  • There are typically seven spots on a ladybug!
  • Mammals have a neck with seven bones in most cases.
  • Periodic tables have seven rows.
  • 7 is the neutral pH value when comparing acidity to alkalinity.
  • Calling Russia and Kazakhstan over the direct dial method requires code seven.
  • A phone number in the United States or Canada has seven digits.
  • Devices that use digital technology employ seven-segment displays.
  • The OSI model is made up of 7 layers.
  • In logic gates, there are seven gates which are NOT, NOR, XNOR, XOR, AND, NAND, and OR.
  • Astronomers in India consider a constellation of seven stars as a group of the seven most important saints of the religion. 'Saptarishi mandalam' is the name given to this constellation.
  • Seven also represents the number of stars in the constellation The Big Dipper.
  • In Roman numerals, VII refers to the seventh discovered satellite of a planet.
  • Throughout the history of Christianity, the number seven has been associated with themes of enjoyment, sorrow, and corporal and spiritual mercy.
  • There are seven great sacred rivers in India.
  • Our skin has seven layers.
  • Music is composed of seven basic notes.
  • Our bodies have seven chakras.
  • Seventh wedding anniversaries are known as the Wool or Copper anniversaries in the US tradition.
  • Seven books make up the Harry Potter series.
  • Most couples divorce after about seven years of marriage, according to statistics.
  • The game of polo is divided into seven-minute periods called chukkas.
  • There are seven deadly sins and seven virtues.


Since Number 7 has an impact on many cultures, histories, religions, and even psychologically, it has also been considered mysterious for many reasons. Many might argue that if we connected other numbers, we might find many other parallels, and that is true. However, facts about the number 7 far outnumber those of any other number.